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Experienced Chicago Franchise and Trademark Lawyer, Expert Witness and Consultant

The Law Office of Marc N. Blumenthal represents businesses both at the startup phase and active businesses; transactions and litigation matters. A great deal of the practice focuses upon franchise and trademark issues, where Mr. Blumenthal’s extensive knowledge of the franchise, business, and intellectual property law often intersect. Franchisors, as well as individuals and business entities wishing to secure, maintain and protect their trademarks, rely on Mr. Blumenthal’s counsel to avoid pitfalls and maximize their potential for profit and growth. Mr. Blumenthal is available to assist new clients on issues related to:

Straightforward advice from a knowledgeable Chicago attorney, Mr. Blumenthal possesses a broad range of experience that crosses multiple industries. He is very mindful of his client’s interests, as he continuously alerts them to traps along the path. A detail-oriented, strategic planner, Mr. Blumenthal not only counsels his clients regarding immediate, acute concerns but also anticipates potential setbacks and works to set clients on a firm foundation for lasting success.

Dependable service from a dedicated litigator.

Mr. Blumenthal’s clients find him extremely accessible. Whether the task is transactional work, litigation, mediation, or arbitration, Mr. Blumenthal’s skilled legal service inspires confidence. Mr. Blumenthal has been named an Illinois Super Lawyer from 2012-2019. Mr. Blumenthal also serves as an expert witness and is a listed franchise consultant with the international network, Gerson Lehrman Group.

Contact a respected and reliable Chicago franchise and trademark attorney.

To schedule an appointment at the Law Office of Marc N. Blumenthal, call 312-971-8093 or contact the office online.

The Law Office of Marc N. Blumenthal is conveniently located in Chicago, very close to both the state and federal courthouses and serves business clients throughout Northern Illinois, Nationwide and Internationally.

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